Four Seasons Pet Care
10 Doris Avenue East
Jacksonville, NC 28540


Four Seasons Boarding Clinic offers a full range of boarding and day care services for your pet.


Boarding Rates

Prices are dependent upon several factors that include the number of pets, number of days boarding, etc. We do offer discounts for families with multiple pets as well as long-term boarding discounts. Please call our office during normal business hours and we will be happy to give you a quote.



All pets left in our are must be left in good health and all vaccinations must be current. All pets will be examined for fleas and ticks. If fleas and ticks are found your pet will be treated and the appropriate charge will apply. We request you leave an emergency number in the event your pet becomes ill. Onslow Animal Hospital, adjacent to Four Seasons Pet Care, will provide emergency veterinary service for your pet. Routine veterinary care (vaccinations, worm checks, etc.) cannot be performed while your pet is boarding.



Your pet will enjoy the spacious surroundings of our boarding facility. The temperature controlled environment keeps them cozy during their lodging experience all year long. From the play yard to the bath tub your pet will be smiling, no paws about that.



At our facility our guests dine on Science Diet Advanced Fitness. They also have access to fresh water 24 hours a day. Some of our clients prefer to bring their own food in for their pets. We will gladly accept food and treats in sealed containers for no additional fee. We try to keep them on the same schedule they are on at home.


Medication Administration

Our staff is trained to administer most types of medication. Please advise our staff of any medical requirements your pet may have while staying with us.


Individual Play Times

Our guests enjoy running, playing, tug-a-war, fetching balls, and belly rubs during their play time. We are happy to give them extra individual play time for a minimal fee. Our play time is offered up to three times daily and each session lasts 15 minutes. Feline guests enjoy private play sessions in our large, sunlit cattery. We do not allow multiple pets to share their personal play times. This is to ensure the safety of your pet.


Toys and Bedding

We encourage you to bring a few items from home to help make your pet feel more comfortable while boarding. Please try to select toys that you think your pet will not shred or destroy. Bedding is provided for all of our canine and feline guests. If you would like to supply your own bedding we ask that it be a small blanket or towel. WE DO NOT ACCEPT STUFFED BEDS. We wash our bedding daily to ensure cleanliness.


Grooming Services

Four Seasons Pet Care pet day spa services your pet for an affordable rate. A standard bath includes a shampoo and brush out. We also offer affordable nail trims at the owner's request. Please ask any of our staff about our bathing fees. Prices may vary depending on the size of your pet and coat lengths. Reservations are highly recommended for grooming appointments. We also offer discounted grooming with any boarding appointment.